Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gaining Maisy Teaser Snippet #spankings

As he gently bent her over the picnic table, the short black skirt she wore did little to hide the silk panties that only he was allowed to see. Maisy watched as the moon shimmered on the waves crashing on the beach in front of her, waiting for a magical wave to crash through her young body under his talented hand. She felt the warmth of the night on her skin as he flipped her skirt up and over her hips, and then using only the thumb and forefinger of each hand, pulled her panties to her knees. 

She jumped momentarily as his open hand smacked smartly across her right butt cheek, the melodic sound of the waves drowned out by the crisp sound of flesh striking flesh. It stung tremendously, so naturally she begged him to do it again. He happily obliged and before she could thank him for his mercy, the night air was again singing along with the chorus of her delighted pain. She reached behind her, intent on sliding her panties to the ground so she could spread her legs better for him, but he caught her by the wrists. He spoke as she returned her hands to the table in front of her, “No, I like them better where they are,” he said. 

Carter's hand descended hard then, and Maisy cried out softly, the swift pain whipping through her, making her wetter. He spanked her again, giving her exquisite sensations of decadent pleasure, mixing with the heat that suffused her. "Tell me a number Maisy. Don’t be afraid. You know you want this.” Carter murmured softly, putting his hand on her ass that arched upwards against his palm. 


Ten..." she gasped, unable to think clearly. 

"That's a good starting point," Carter chuckled. Then he brought his hand down swiftly, before she was ready. 

"Ow..oh..." Maisy twitched, as her pussy clenched, and her ass stung, accepting the spankings. After five more hard hits her body trembled. 

"You can take more, can't you?" Carter asked smoothly, leaning over her ear. "That was ten..." 

Maisy gulped, feeling lost in a daze of pure primal desire. “Yes…” 

His hand landed soundly on her bottom and the shock of it took her breath away. 

Despite knowing why she was here, it was so unexpected. That, she realized suddenly, was what He had wanted. He had deliberately relaxed her first to intensify the shock. Before she had time to fully process that idea, another blow landed... and another. Three times, in rapid succession, His hand slapped her ass. Each time they touched a different area so that when He paused, she could feel the warmth spreading over her ass in all directions. It felt better than she had ever imagined. She found herself relishing the sting and wanting more. As if in answer to the unspoken request, His hand came down again on her tender flesh... and again... and again... But each time, just as it began to become almost more than she could take, He would pause. 

It was during those pauses that the heat and the growing pain made her ass throb and the throbbing spilled over into her heated pussy and she began to moan as she whimpered. Before the heat could dissipate, His hand would come down again and He would spank her even harder than before. First, the spank was on her right cheek... then her left cheek... then high on both her cheeks... then low on the backs of her thighs... With some, His hand would actually touch her pussy and she could not help but press herself backward, desperately wanting more. But just as with the gentle touches earlier, He teased her... giving her just enough to make her crave more... 

As she felt his hands on her again she couldn’t help but cry out.

"Easy, Maisy. Not yet," Carter murmured, knowing she was so close to the orgasm that she wanted. 


"Soon...just a few..more..." 

Smack! Smack! The last one sent another thrill through her body, and Maisy thought she would faint. Without warning, Carter took the bottom of her blouse and raised it to the back of her head. Again she attempted to help him by reaching for the shirt, her belief being he wanted to pull it over her head, but again he stopped her. This time, he didn’t have to say a word, merely returned her hands to the table and began rubbing her bare back roughly, his hands roaming around her sides and finding her breasts. As he squeezed them in his hands, she could feel his need pressing against her as it begged to be free of his jeans. She took one final look at the beauty of the beach and then closed her eyes, giving herself over to the feel of his touch. 

As Carter’s hands moved up her back, one of them found its way into her long black hair and as his fingers twisted between the wondrous shadowy locks, he tightened his hand into a fist and held her there motionless. His free hand again found her reddened flesh and a final smack from his hand caused her legs to begin trembling. As she heard him releasing the monster behind her, Maisy strained her legs against the thin silk holding her knees together, wanting to welcome him fully. But again she had misunderstood his intention, as he wanted the exact opposite of what she had thought. 

With his own knees, he pushed hers together, and then gently coaxed her feet together as well with his own. Her round ass now allowed only a glimpse of the dampness between her legs. Stepping forward, placing his feet on the outside of Maisy’s to hold them together; Carter bent and positioned himself behind her. With one thrust of his hips, he found the spot her closed legs couldn’t quite hide from his desire. Pulling her toward him by her hair, he buried his cock inside her trembling cunt with a passionate moan. He slowly pulled himself completely out of her, causing the inexorable wetness from inside her pussy to lubricate the opening further, making reentry into her tightened slit easier. Carter didn’t hesitate, again thrusting himself into her fully with power and intent, causing her to cry out fervently. Her moans mingled with the sound of the crashing waves, creating a chorus of primal resonance that echoed across the very surface of the shimmering moon above them. 

Maisy was lost in the moment of feverish passion as he slammed inside of her relentlessly, his hips pressing her own into the wooden table leaving creases in her skin that would remain for days, just as the memory of his passion would last in her memories forever. As his tempo increased, she could hear his breathing becoming erratic as his lungs fought for air amidst the tightening muscles of his chest. He sounded more like a beast than a man as he ravished the helpless prey in his grasp. 

Maisy could feel an uncontrollable wave of bliss threatening to wash over her as her trembling body began to convulse in euphoric spasms. The sound of the ocean became lost in her pleasured screams, coupled with Carter’s labored gasps behind her. As his rhythm became lost in spastic jerks and his moans turned to a barbaric cry of release, Maisy felt the thoughts in her head swimming incoherently. All rationality was lost in that moment of flesh, and the only recognizable word she could form with her quivering lips was an emphatic “YES!”

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