Monday, January 30, 2017

Auctioned to the Protective Dom by Doris O'Connor REVIEW


It's a Dom's job to protect his girl. No one believes that more than Jonas Sorenson.So when he sees the shy little sub he has been trying to get close to for ages up for auction on the Club Spectrum stage, there's only one Dom who will get her--him. Rissa Nauenburg hates being the center of attention, so being on show in the auction proves too much for her. Caught in the middle of a panic attack, she has no time to appreciate the fact the one Dom she has been secretively lusting after for ages has won her. Her distress makes Jonas more determined to protect her. It's perfectly obvious to Jonas that someone in her past has hurt Rissa badly. Under the terms of the auction she is his for twenty four hours at least. It's game on to re-build Rissa's confidence and Jonas plays for keeps. All Rissa has to do is let him...

My Review:

I'm not sure entirely what to say... This book was full of different emotions. I laughed and I cried, boy did I cry. The author did a fantastic job with these characters. I can totally see them as if I were friends with them. This was beautiful sweet heart wrenching ageplay story that gave me the chills in more ways then one. There isn't any need to worry, it isn't a heavy ageplay. There are no bottles or diapers, just some teddy and unicorns. I really loved their connection and the chemistry between the two just sizzles off the page. I highly recommend this book for any BDSM or spanking or ageplay lover! This one is just simply beautiful!


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