Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tested by Her Web Master

He's my addiction, my love—my life.
He's my Dominant—my everything.
He's changed me, and I never want to go back.

But now, he's asking for too much.
Going too far.
It's out of my comfort zone--not who I am.

I'll swallow my pride and face my fears
But something tells me he has ulterior motives for this extreme request,
and I will get to the bottom of it.

That is, if I can pass his test. 

My Review:
Holy Hotness. If you thought the first book was hot then you have to be kidding yourself. Book two will blow you away. It is a roller coaster of emotions that will have you literally screaming at the book. I felt happy, sad, turned on and so much more. Every emotion that she went though I was able to feel along with her. The author did a wonderful job with the descriptions and settings and the plot! That last line just about killed me.

If you thought MC was hot then you need to meet the new "test" - I can't spoil it but OH. MY. GOD. *fans self* I needed to take numerous breaks through this story to have some alone time with my bed and I know you will too.... but then there is a jaw dropping moment that will really change everything and I was on the edge of my seat and flipping through the pages faster and faster because OH. MY. GOD. I kid you not, I read this book in a couple hours because it was that addicting!! I highly recommend this book if you want a sexy as hell book that will leave you wanting oh so much more! 

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