Tuesday, November 24, 2015

#WipItUpWednesday Kaia's Christmas Mistletoe

Hiyah everyone! Happy Early Thanksgiving!! My WIP today comes from my Christmas Story Kaia's Christmas Mistletoe! This should be releasing the first week in December so stay tuned!! This snippet is kinda steamy and includes a spanking... you are warned :D I hope you enjoy it!!

It was almost a relief to have Oliver in control, to let him take care of everything...to take care of her.

But she was giddy inside. It had been a long time since he'd spanked her, other than the occasional slap.

Oliver was pulling the bench away from the wall into the center of the room. It was a beautiful piece of furniture, dark wood with a deeply padded surface. On the day he'd brought it home, she'd laid her down on her stomach, taken her so hard and fast she'd sunk her fingernails into the leather. The marks were still there and she loved running her fingers over them.

Oliver sat on the bench, the silk tie in his hands. “Come here, Kaia. Stand in front of me.”

She did as she was commanded, stopping a few paces away from Oliver. He tilted his head, then motioned with one hand.

“Closer. Here.” He pointed to the carpet. She moved forward until she was almost touching his knees with her legs. Through lowered lashes she watched as he slowly moved his feet apart, spreading his legs. Her breath caught in her throat; from here she could see the head of his cock sticking out of the opening of his jeans. She bit her lip, the pain of her teeth sinking into her tender flesh mixing with the hot passion swirling through her.

“Turn around.”

The first touch on her skin wasn't a slap, but she jumped anyway. He trailed a line of kisses down over her skin, soft and gentle. He moved her hands, and then she felt his tongue slip along the cleft of her ass. Her muscles clenched and a shiver ran through her.

When he hit her she cried out, both from sharp pain, and from the release of the tension anticipation had built inside her. He'd started, and now it was only going to escalate.

The next slap hit the other side of her ass, the pain more intense this time. Oliver had a way of spanking her, of snapping his hand against her flesh that felt more like a bite than just his flesh against hers. But it was his skin touching hers, and that's what she loved, beyond the pain.

“Bend over.” Oliver's voice was rough, his breathing fast.

Oliver touched her briefly on her leg, running a finger along the crease at the top of her thigh, beneath her buttocks, then moving his fingers between her legs, rubbing against her wetness. She closed her eyes, concentrating on keeping her balance as he slipped one finger into her. For a moment he wiggled his finger, the fluttering feeling inside her making her gasp. Then he slid his finger out, moving it forward, slowly circling her clit.

Out of reflex her hips jerked forward, knees buckling slightly as something clenched deep inside her. But the effort to keep her balance forced her to hold still, even as Oliver rubbed her clit harder, fingers moving faster, and despite herself, her legs tensed again, but she managed to hold her stance.

“Good girl.” His voice was very close to her ear, and she realized with a start he was no longer sitting, but standing behind her. “Very good girl.”

Her heart swelled with love. There was just something about those words…

He struck her right cheek, much harder this time. She swayed to the left under the impact, her weight thrown to the side. With a strangled sound she dug her toes into the carpet, willing herself not to move her feet even one inch apart.

Oliver caressed her, rubbing his hand gently over her stinging skin, his other hand still buried between her legs, one finger gently thrusting into her slick wetness. The sharp pain sank into her, heating the fire that he's lit inside her. The tension in her legs lessened under Oliver's gentle touch, both from his hand on her ass, and from his finger slowly circling her clit. She breathed deeply, trying to gain control, not to let herself let go too soon, to prolong this amazing pleasure Oliver was giving her.

But the next slap sent her reeling, her body leaning far to the right, her left foot coming off the floor. She cried out, the pain more intense than she'd ever felt, the counterpoint of Oliver's finger thrusting inside her bringing her to the edge. Her cry was almost desperate, the desire to straighten almost overwhelming.
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  1. Happy Early Thanksgiving to you too!!

    I like the sounds of Oliver being in control too. It sounds like he knows exactly what to give her!

    Loved your snippet!