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Myka and the Millionaire by Alexis Alvarez

Hi! Everyone! I've got Alexis with me today talking about her new book and let me tell you! It's a scorcher!! I was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of this book but I have to let you know, I will be buying my own copy of this on release day and will read it over and over again! Anyway, without further babble from me... here is Alexis!! 
Hi! Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I’m Alexis Alvarez, and I’d like to share from my new novel, Myka and the Millionaire. It’s a full-length BDSM romance with an HEA and lots of consensual kink, and it will publish with Stormy Night Publications on Nov 13th.

Computer expert Myka Thomas is determined to start her own business, and the last thing she needs is a man bossing her around and getting in the way. But Gabriel Chevalier is not just any man, and when the dashing, dominant millionaire makes his interest in her very clear, Myka cannot resist his advances. Stripped bare, spanked soundly, and brought to one shattering climax after another, she soon finds herself both yielding even more completely to his command of her body and even begging shamelessly for more of his masterful lovemaking.

As Myka juggles two demanding jobs, she savors the time she spends in Gabriel's palatial home. When she is in his presence, surrendering to his firm, loving control seems natural, even when that means submitting to a painful, embarrassing spanking when she has been disobedient. Before she can stop herself, Myka is falling hard for Gabriel, but can she dare to risk giving her heart to a man with so many shadows in his past that there may be no room for her in his future? 
My Review:
I don’t know where to begin! Seriously! I’ve had mixed emotions about this book from the very beginning and now that’s its over! Wow! It was a sizzling hot sexy roller coaster ride that I never wanted it to end! Myka was such an amazing female lead character. She wasn’t a normal boring perfect character. She had flaws and cried and had real life issues and it was amazing! I loved how the author was able to bring in so many different characters and have them all have real lives of their own and portray them all differently!

Myka and Gabriel are a real interesting couple. Their chemistry is smoking hot and the pages literally will melt your kindle because the sex is so hot but… the connection, the love, the real romance…will they find it? You have to read to find out! I had my doubts and at certain points but I just had to find out what happened! This book will keep you on the edge of your seats and not let go! This book will teach you some important things about BDSM and safety. The author did a good job showing that. I highly recommend this book to any BDSM book lovers and to anyone who’s looking for a little adventure!

P.S. I hope Master Taylor gets a book of his own and his subbies name is Summer ;) I know selfish right? Well, read the book and I bet you will want it your name too! 

He patted her butt, touched her hair. “You look amazing. By the time we get to the bar, nobody will ever know you cried. And they won’t know you got spanked, either, unless you fidget a lot. But you don’t get to rub it at all tonight, even when you’re alone in the bathroom. You do that, it means another twenty.” He smiled at her, then said, “Before you fix your makeup properly, why don’t I give you a few more as a reminder. Bend over and hold your ankles.”

Myka gasped, looked at him. He was stern, testing her. Right here, like that?On command?But there was no way she wanted twenty. So even though she turned bright red, she lifted her skirt, bent over and wrapped her hands around her ankles.

He waited a moment, laying the washcloth back over the side of the sink. Then he ran his hands down her ass. “I love how red it gets,” he said.

Myka moaned. “Just do it,” She demanded.

“Myka. Is that the right behavior?”

“No, Sir. I’m sorry.”

He paused. “Reach back and spread your ass cheeks with your hands. I want to see you split open for me before I spank you.”

Myka didn’t like that. “Gabriel.”

“Myka, are you arguing with me?”

“I’m not arguing. It feels weird. I can’t do it.”

“You can’t, or you won’t?” His voice was firm.

“I can, of course. It’s just that it’s so private, and I feel weird…” Myka kept her hands on her ankles, mumbling to the floor. “Can’t you spank me and be done with it? Why do you have to be such a power hungry jerk about it?”

He sighed. “I hoped we weren’t going to have to do this, but you just earned another twenty, Myka.”

“No!” she shot up, her eyes wide, clutching at his hands. “Please, no. I’m sorry. I’ll bend down again and spread my ass for you!”

He shook his head. “I was testing your obedience, and you failed. Clearly twenty wasn’t enough to teach you that lesson.” He spoke easily, as if they were discussing the weather. “Back to the bench in the hall, ma chèrie. Strip naked this time, and wait bent over like before. I’ll be over in a minute to administer your punishment.” He started to undo his belt buckle, and Myka made a noise of surprise.

“I said twenty for each violation. I didn’t say they would all be with my hand. Now go, or do you want twenty five?” He sounded serious.

Myka silently made her way back to the bench, stripped, and bent over, her heart pounding, moisture growing between her legs despite her anxiety.

Gabriel came up to her and dropped the belt in front of her face. “Look at it, ma chèrie. You and this belt are soon going to be quite well acquainted.” Myka’s breath hitched. “Tell me why I’m spanking you again so soon,” he ordered her.

Myka managed to say, “Because I defied you again, Sir. You asked me to spread my ass cheeks and I argued.”

“Next time you’ll listen. This is part of the way I train you into being submissive for me, ma chèrie; it hurts in the moment, but in the long run, we’ll both be happier. Keep your hands in front of you. When it’s done, you’ll thank me. First I’ll give you ten with my hand, like before. The last ten will be with the belt. You’re not going to like it, I don’t think.”

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Alexis Alvarez is a romance writer, a photographer, an engineer, a dachshund owner, a mother, a reader, and the kind of person who enjoys inappropriate jokes with her family. Her romance book heroines are strong, intelligent women who enjoy submission on their own terms and do not compromise their integrity and feminism. When she’s not travelling or taking pictures, you can find her in her home office, drinking La Croix water and dreaming up new novels.

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