Sunday, June 28, 2015

Untamed Passion! New Release! #paranormal #erotic #romance

Camilla has spent her entire life, feeling like there was much more to life than what she’d been experiencing. Her love life was boring and her new roommate was driving her insane talking about it.

However an unfortunate yet chanced incident brings Zander to her rescue. Could he really be the man of her dreams? Will he teach her exactly how to harness her special shape shifting abilities before it is too late?

In a story of love, lies and romance Camilla finds herself in the arms of a handsome shape sifting white tiger that will stop at nothing to protect her.

Publisher's Note: “Untamed Passion” is an erotic paranormal romance novella that includes sexual scenes, anal play, and elements of BDSM. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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The loud screeching of tires cut through the quietness of the night, like a powerful unexpected blast of thunder. Something terrible had happened; he could just feel it in his gut. Without hesitation, Zander dropped his wrench, slammed the hood of his old Ford truck shut and rushed out of the garage. The musty smell of burnt rubber on wet pavement caught his senses as he dashed into the wooded area. Running as fast as his two feet could take him was not good enough so he decided that it would be best to shift at that moment. Closing his eyes, he increased his speed and his breathing became heavy, breathless, urgent pants.

His chest grew in size beneath his gray shirt and the fabric tore apart as he burst free from it. Ripping it from his body, Zander tossed it to the side like a small ball of trash, focusing solely on his destination. As he raced through the woods his veins and muscles throbbed viciously inside him. With a loud roar he unleashed his inner beast, shifting into his other state of being swiftly and with ease.

He emerged from the woods and leaped onto the road a strong, proud, white tiger. Immediately he saw it, a red sedan tipped on its side in the ditch a few feet ahead. Something else caught his attention, it was another animal; an unfriendly creature clawing at the front door of the vehicle. With a fierce roar Zander distracted it and when their eyes met he issued an unspoken threat. The black panther gave a low growl and a few seconds later it took off, intimidated by Zander’s dangerous look. For several years now Zander and his streak of tigers, had been secretly protecting the people of their hometown from these terrifying creatures of the night.

Shifting back to his human form he strode across the empty road to the car, a tall, muscular naked man. His magnificent rampant physique was like that of a Greek God and his golden brown complexion seemed to glow as the moonlight reflected upon him. There was a lonesome woman in the driver’s seat with her head leaning against the steering wheel. “Hello, can you move?” He tapped on the front door glass, trying to see if she was conscious.

Lifting her head up slowly, the stranger muttered a reply dozing in and out of consciousness. Blood; thick and red, trickled down her temple from an open wound. The door was locked and he needed to get it open quickly. Gripping its handle with both hands, he pulled with all his might and was finally able to get to her. As Zander scooped her somewhat limp body into his strong, manly arms, her eyes peeked open and gratitude lingered in them. Her lips parted and as she attempted to thank him, he advised her to save her strength. Although her body felt good against him, he was thankful that she was not fully aware of what was happening around her. She’d probably go into cardiac arrest, if she knew that her rescuer was a completely naked man. He hated shifting because of that minor detail.

As he nestled her body upon the soft bed of grass lining the roadside, his gaze fell on hers. Her sparkly baby blue eyes seemed to speak to his very soul, he had to admit to himself that she was indeed a stunningly gorgeous young woman. Confusion lurked in the back of his mind; he was usually not attracted to humans. He scolded himself silently for his lust filled thoughts during such a crucial time. Zander narrowed his attention back to her wound, but was shocked by what he saw. Her cut was slowly healing itself. How was this possible?

His eyes found hers yet again, however, this time a mysterious darkness beamed from them. Right then, he knew exactly what she was. However, judging from the innocent look on her face, he figured she was merely a cub; a young tigress who hadn’t shifted before, ever. She didn’t seem to know about her special abilities either. Breathing a sigh of relief, the uneasy feeling that he felt initially about his attraction dissipated and a warm feeling touched his heart. He now understood why he’d been so drawn to her; it all made sense. She was also a shape shifter. The way his heart beat for her, Zander realized that she was much more than just another shape shifter, she was his soul mate. He was drawn to her physically and emotionally. Gently he stroked the side of her soft cheek assuring her that everything would be alright.

A winsome smile graced her features and she brought her hands to his chest, “Thank you,” she uttered, her voice sweet and low.

“You’re welcome.” He realized that aside from her wound healing she was slowly coming back to reality and regaining her strength.

“I see you enjoy fraternizing with strangers.” The voice of an older man caught his attention.

“She’s not a stranger. Father, she’s one of us,” Zander replied with confidence, turning to the man standing behind him. “I’m just trying to help her out.”

“You may want to put these on then. I don’t think she’ll take kindly to you helping her out while you’re like this.” The man held out a pair of jeans to him so he could cover up his nakedness.

“Thanks.” Zander threw the jeans on and then narrowed his attention back to the young woman.

His father walked over to the vehicle and without too much effort he pulled it out of the ditch. Surprisingly, aside from the long scratches on the door that had been the result of the panther trying to claw its way to her, the sedan seemed barely damaged from the accident.

He helped her to the vehicle and after ensuring that all was well with her, Zander watched as she drove off into the night. In his heart he hoped that he would one day see her again. Although they hadn’t exchanged information about themselves, he was happy to have met her regardless of the circumstances surrounding their first encounter.

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