Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#MWTease #BaileysLittleAdventure

Hiyah everyone! Happy Happy Wednesday! Today's tease will come from my story Bailey's Little Adventure in the Little Haven Collection AP boxed set. You can grab your copy on B&N Amazon and Goodreads

Then his hand went away and I was left waiting, eyes closed, still fondling my breasts. I felt his breath before I felt his kiss, his tongue following the same path his fingers had taken. He licked and sucked, kissed and tasted me, fanning the fire he’d lit. Before long I was moaning, arching and shifting beneath his hands, his mouth.

Ian had always had a miraculous ability to read my movements, to understand my inarticulate noises, and to follow my desires without me having to explain. I wanted him inside me, I wanted his hard cock, filling me the way nothing else could.

He lifted his head, meeting my eyes, and wordlessly climbed up over me. Somewhere along the way he’d lost his sweatpants and now he lay between my legs, his hard cock pushing against my inner thigh. He shifted again, and then he was where I wanted him.

I reached for him and he lowered himself onto me. Arms around his neck, I pulled him down to me, kissing him greedily. I felt his smile; I’d told him I liked how I tasted, and he’d said he did too. We shared the kiss, shared that intimate and erotic taste, somehow more heady than any wine.

But my body demanded more, and Ian’s did as well. He pushed my legs with his hard thighs and I rolled my hips up, drawing my legs up his hips, locking my ankles at the small of his back.

He pushed forward, his cock sliding into me, slowly, achingly slowly, fitting perfectly. I exhaled, hips rising to meet his first delicious thrust.

But we’d gone past slow and Ian began the familiar dance between us, pulling back, thrusting hard, repeat, thrusts getting harder, deeper. My gasps and soft exhalations grew louder, harder, moans and cries intertwining.

Ian moaned deeply, adding music to this dance between us. Hearing him excited me more, sending me higher, and Ian responded to that, his breathing becoming faster, a light sheen of sweat on his chest and back.

I was ready, my body on the edge, Ian right there with me. He lifted his head, eyes locked with mine as his thrusts reached a fever pitch. I held his face between my hands, watching him as he watched me.

His final thrusts were short and sharp, each driving home that he was reaching his climax. And when he came, I did too, joining him with cries and caresses, hips meeting his, him grinding down on me, me forcing myself up against him.
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