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Mastering Meg by Jaye Peaches #spanking #newrelease @JayePeaches

Hiyah everyone! I've got Jaye with me today talking about her new book! Give her a warm welcome!  

Thank you Summer for hosting me today.

I’m sharing an excerpt from my latest book – Mastering Meg. The heroine of the story is a fun-loving dental reception who has a secret desire to be disciplined and spanked. Much to her delight, the new dentist in town turns out to be a keen disciplinarian and offers to take her under his wing. Jeremy invites her out for dinner and puts her submission to the test. Before arriving at the restaurant, he’s sent her a text:

You will keep your eyes respectfully lowered unless I give permission for you to look at me.


It’s like I’m fighting with myself. The moment he tells me he’s off limits, I don’t know where to look. I dart around the table, reading the menu, flicking crumbs off the linen, anything to keep my wandering gaze falling on his charming face.

I could curse him, but I don’t. He’s set me up to fail and he knows it. However, I don’t want to let him down. I smirk; perhaps I’m not as bratty as I make out.

We manage to chatand I focus on his hands, which he rests on his place mat. When the food arrives, I watch him slice through his steak, while I chase the peas around my plate and listen as he talks about his childhood, his family, the practice he worked at when he lived in London. I regale him with titbits of my own, nothing astounding. It’s all mundane and predictable, up to a point.

We laugh, remarking that both our upbringings lacked in excitement, tragedy, or traumas. Yet, we both have managed to find ourselves outside of the mainstream when it came to sex and socialising.

I count the buttons on his shirt. I’m doing well, much better than I thought I would, but when I reach his collar and see his clean-shaven chin, I nearly raise my visual range too high. I duck, avoiding the rest of his face.

The second time I come close to making eye contact, I spy one of his ears. I note his earlobe and the tiny hole. He’s had it pierced. The notion intrigues me, it smacks of a rebellious period in his life that he’s discarded. This evening he’s all immaculate elegance, the gentleman who holds my chair when I slip away to visit the bathroom and keeps a handkerchief in his top breast pocket. Debonair, yes, that’s it.

I need a fan blowing on my hot face—I’m overheating.

I swallow a mouthful of water, cooling myself down. I drink water and only a little wine, because staying sober is critical. However, my tongue rambles into the territory of difficult patients and I use less than polite language.

Jeremy tut-tuts and I stop, rolling my eyes up heading for the ceiling, more in annoyance at my slip-up, but along the way, I see his sparkling eyes.

Now that he’s ensnared me, I can’t let go of his gaze. A smile creeps across my face and I give an apologetic shrug. “Whoops.”

He leans back in his seat and dabs at his lips with his napkin. “I’m impressed with how long you lasted. The consequences remain the same, regardless of your efforts. Monday, you stay after work. Wear suspenders and stockings and take off your panties before you enter. Understood?”

I nod.

He grimaces.


How easily it comes out of my mouth.


I shoot my eyes back down.

“You can look at me. I revoke the text.”

I sigh, relieved, because I’m struggling to tear my eyes away from his striking features.

The waiter arrives with the menu, forcing me to break free.

Later, when the meal is done, Jeremy walks me to the waiting cab. He kisses the palm of my hand, holding it to his warm lips. “Until Monday.”

I shiver, not with the cold as it’s a balmy night, but I quiver with anticipation. “Thank you,” I murmur.


When Megan is rude to a troublesome patient at the dental clinic where she works, the man who catches her in the act is none other than the tall, dark, and handsome Dr. Jeremy Rawlings. After informing Megan that it is clear from her behaviour that she is in desperate need of discipline, Jeremy instructs her to remain at the office after work for a sound spanking.

Despite her embarrassment at the prospect of such a humiliating punishment, Megan finds herself doing as she is told. Once her panties are down and her bottom is properly bared, her spanking turns out to be firm, unyielding, and painfully thorough. But Jeremy’s manner during her chastisement is sincere and kind, and before she knows it she has promised to apologize sincerely for her rudeness.

Though his standards for her are exacting, Megan finds herself more aroused by Jeremy than she has been by any man before, and she doesn’t hesitate to agree when he asks her to be his submissive. But will her penchant for mischief and defiance mean that she spends most of her time with a red bottom?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Meg is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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