Friday, May 22, 2015

“If you distract me again..." #BaileysLittleAdventure #newrelease #ageplay #SatSpanks #spankings

Hiyah everyone! Happy Saturday and Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! I know I haven't been around much but I'm back now and my secret project has been revealed! The Little Haven Age Play Collection Boxed Set! My Story in the set is called Bailey's Little Adventure so today's snippet comes from that. 

You can purchase the collection on  B&N Amazon and Goodreads
To set the scene, Bailey is friends with Kara and Bailey has put her friends bra in the freezer and her daddy is going to punish her in front of her friend for her bad behavior. (Just a side note, Kara belongs to Adaline Raine and you can find out about her in the story Brody's Little Brat)
“Wait!” Kara yelled out.“I really should go home! I shouldn’t—”

“If you distract me again from the matter at hand, you’ll be next,” Ian said, and I knew that no matter what either Kara or I said, I was going to be getting a spanking in front of her.

Kara stepped back and made it look like she was zipping her lips.

I sighed. Better get this over with, I thought as I walked over to Ian. He grabbed my arm and tugged me over his lap.

The first smack that landed across my behind was hard and I couldn’t help but twitch from the impact. Ian laid several more taps across each of my cheeks, and I couldn’t help but kick my legs. It hurt so much.
Well, that's all I'm allowed to tease for now! For more teasers please be sure to like my FB page HERE and be sure and check out all of the other authors below!


  1. Already got the book, and I'm looking forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing, Summer, and I hope Ian isn't too harsh with Bailey, though putting her friend's bra in the freezer is not a nice thing to do at all, even if it was only a jest.

  2. Teasing gets you spanked too, you know.

  3. Oh dear. In front of her friend? Yikes! :)

  4. ooh, the spanked in front of others thing-- so humiliating (and hot!)

  5. This sounds like a fantastic collection, naughty girls and their stern daddies