Tuesday, May 26, 2015

“Do you want some cheesecake?" #MWTease #BaileysLittleAdventure #littlehaven #spanking #ageplay

Hiyah everyone! Happy Happy Wednesday! Today's tease will come from my story Bailey's Little Adventure in the Little Haven Collection AP boxed set. You can grab your copy on B&N Amazon and Goodreads
“Do you want some cheesecake? It’s your favorite…white chocolate raspberry.” He picked up the fork, spearing a piece of the dessert.

“Open up.”

I opened my mouth and he slid the fork between my lips. Down below his finger slid further in to me. Between the luscious silken dessert in my mouth, and the sensation of his finger probing inside me, I was lost. I closed my eyes, moaning around the mouthful of cheesecake.


I swallowed the cheesecake and turned to Ian, meeting his gaze. My breathing was so shallow I thought I would pass out. There were no words I could say, nothing beyond what I could tell him with my eyes.

His fingers shifted inside me, moving against some magic spot that brought a muffled cry to my lips, and a sheen of perspiration across my upper lip. I didn’t care that I was in the middle of a packed restaurant. I didn’t care about anything other than being here with Ian, knowing he was in this with me, that it all made sense to him.

I leaned my head against his shoulder, my hand gripping his arm, closing my eyes. His fingers thrusting faster, his thumb pressed against my clit.

My body was shaking uncontrollably, my legs jerking as Ian’s hand moved faster. I held back another cry, fingers digging into his arm. I could feel the muscles of his arm moving as he pushed deeper. I pressed my feet against the floor, every muscle in my body tensed, taut, on the edge.

Ian said something and I belatedly realized the waiter must have dropped off the check. But I was focused on what Ian was doing to me, to the sensations crashing through me, to the spiraling heat low between my thighs.

“Bailey…come for me. Now…let go, babygirl, and come.”
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