Wednesday, April 8, 2015

“You know you’re my little girl, Bailey." #WIP #secretproject #spanking #littlegirl

Hiyah everyone! Happy Wednesday! In case you don't know my name is Summer and I'm a new spanking / BDSM erotic romance author! I can't tell you all of the details yet but I'm going to be part of a special super secret project and I can finally tease you about it!  This is from my new AP story! I hope you all like it!

“You know you’re my little girl, Bailey. And you need to be punished when you misbehave, don’t you?” His voice was low, just as soothing as the hand rubbing my ass.

Before I could answer, he spanked me again, and my answer turned into a gasp. I squirmed as the pain subsided, as he gently rubbed my skin, from sharp and stinging into something warm and delicious. I always thought of caramel topping on ice cream, thick and sweet, running down over the cool treat.

The heat sank through me, like it always did, pooling between my legs. Instantly I was wet and as much as I wanted the spanking to continue, I was ready for what came next.   

Well, that's all I'm allowed to tease for now! For more teasers please be sure to like my FB page HERE and be sure and check out all of the other authors below!


  1. I really like the reference to caramel and ice cream. I'm ready for what comes next too. Maybe you'll share that next week. ㋡

  2. I loved the caramel icecream reference too! Great snippet :)